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The association has a journal called “Energy Economics” that is published monthly in both Persian and English languages. It focuses on both small and large scale domestic and international energy issues, especially oil and gas, and has gained the attention of most energy sector managers and experts in the country. The Energy Economy journal is distributed not only in ministries (oil and power) but also to all relevant government and private companies, managers, experts, professors, and students. The association is proud to publish reputable articles in the field of energy and energy economics.

Interested individuals can submit their articles to the email address

Editor-in-chief: Morteza Bahrouzi Far

 Internal Director: Samieh Kokabi

 Oil and Gas Section Editor:

 Industry Section Editor: Mohammad Abbasi

Transportation Section Editor: Shaqayeq Bayati

Electricity Section Editor: Rouhollah Hamidian

Construction Section Editor: Hossein Shenavai

Environmental Section Editor:

Report Section Editor: Amirhossein Hashemi Javid

 Renewable Energy Sector: Samieh Kokabi

 Legal Section Editor: Mina Royan

Editor: Leila Ghorbani

 Subscription: Hamideh Nouri

Editorial Board Members: Mr. Mohammad Aghaei Tabrizi, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Hamid Abrishami, Ali Emami Meybodi, Mehran Amirmoeini, Mohammad Amiri, Faridoun Barkeshli, Morteza Bahrouzi Far, Afshin Javan, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Haji Mirzaei, Seyyed Gholamhossein Hasan Tash, Mohammad Bagher Hashemzadeh, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Khatibi Tabatabai, Naser Khiabani, Azizollah Ramazani, Mohammad Mozarati, Mohammad Hossein Mahdavi Adeli, Hossein Mirzaei


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