A twenty-year comprehensive Iran’s gas plans study commissioned by the management of the Consolidated Planning Department of NIOC conducted in 1991 in cooperation with Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES).

A market study on Iran’s domestic oil and gas service industry, identifying the producers of equipments and materials in the sectors for NIOC conducted in 1991, in cooperation with IIES.

An energy audit of Bandar Abbas Refinery and Isfahan based manufacturing plant called LAB.

A project study for working hours plan under Iran traffic management and optimization of fuel consumption conducted in 1995, commissioned by Tehran Municipality.

Training programs under special professional courses for over 1200 of energy managers in the public and private sector companies and factories between 2000 and 2004 for Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO).

A project study on supportive mechanism for energy conservation project in the industrialized countries, and identifying the appropriate models for Iran, commissioned by Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO).